Value Added Service
Value Added Services

Our experience has enabled us to prepare for our clients with additional requirements outside of conventional logistics that need to be serviced, what we refer to as value added, by designing and tailoring customised solutions. We can also offer clients additional services that can significantly help their own internal processes.

Repackaging Product

We can quickly and cost-effectively resize and repack products for efficient consolidation, storing and your business can rest assured that your product arrives in the quality condition you expect, therefore protecting your brand and your brand promise.

Product Rebranding

Our Warehouse Support services are often called on to manage client’s re-branding activities. This is a critical process to ensure newly branded product reaches its destination in time to meet advertising campaign launches. Also that dated collateral is secure and accounted for prior to secure destruction or rework to the new brand.

Label Package Design & Application

We provide relabelling services when our clients require the relabelling of stored We ensure every step of the relabelling process is carried out correctly and seamlessly. Our extensive regulatory experience assures that relabelling is completed according to customer’s requirements. Our relabelling teams are aware of and rigorously follow all packaging guidelines.

Product Inspections

Providing 100% product inspections on arrival into storage where quality issues may have been compromised and unchecked by the client the express intention is to cultivate suppliers to achieve “ship to stock status”. For you this means products shipped to us by a supplier will be easily and efficiently booked into stock and subsequently fit for consumption by the production line. We will work with suppliers to attain continuous supply chain improvements as follows:


  1. The on time order is pre-advised
  2. Agreed supplier orders are booked in for off loading
  3. Products received are labelled using an agreed barcode compatible with the requirements of the client
  4. Confirmed receipts are notified to our client and if necessary the supplier
  5. Discrepancy reports should be the exception, however when they arise a CAPA (Corrective Action Preventative Action) with route cause analysis will be initiated which will require commitment from all stakeholders
  6. The product, batch, quantity and quality are measured with constructive feedback given in a 360 format business review in order to track progress on agreed Supply Chain

Product Recovery (Reverse Logistics)

As a global leader in supply chain logistics, McArdle Skeath has a long history of working with corporate companies, from small suppliers to global finished-goods powerhouses. With so much visibility into this market, we’ve noticed that companies have varying degrees of success managing reverse logistics—as well as varying degrees of missed opportunities when not paying attention to this part of the total supply chain.


We’ve helped customers achieve greater sales through resale or realise savings by reclaiming parts for their operations and save time and resources through disposition of product that was surplus to requirements. While a greater investment in reverse logistics will yield more benefits, we’re confident that many companies can experience significant improvements if they liaise with our warehouse operations team.

Product Line Trials

This provides clients with a mock production line whereby they can replicate the manufacturing process of new products without effecting a “live” production line.


McArdle Skeath are experienced in creating replicated/new product lines. We take the responsibility of determining whether the product line should expand and whether products should be removed from the line. We can also analyse the effects of the product expansion or contraction on the profitability of other products in the line.

Inventory Management

We provide clients with an inventory control service linked to their production line allowing JIT (Just in Time) stock replenishment reducing onsite costs.


Balancing the goals of avoiding stock outs while minimising inventory costs is at the heart of just-in-time inventory. One of the main benefits of our automated and efficient inventory


replenishment systems are that you can quickly respond to reduced inventory levels. Our customers are now equipped to pull back on stock in a given product category and ramp up inventory in another as customer needs and interests change.

Quality Control Testing

We conduct 100% inspection of products when requested by our clients QA department for various quality issues may have been compromised and unchecked by the client internally.

This includes safely removing, destroying or recycling a product that may have been declared “not fit for its purpose”.

Product Sampling

Working with our clients QA departments selecting sample requests on demand as specified and within the agreed the requirements vary from extracting a single carton; to agreed statistical quantities across the product or batch range.

Product X-Ray and Scanning

Our X-Ray and scanning services eliminate the charge for our clients when exporting product by Air Freight. This process is meticulous in its design and provides savings on receipt in the airport.