McArdle Skeath are a leading Refrigerated Transport company that specialise in distributing Ambient, Chilled and Frozen products throughout Ireland, UK and Europe. Our entire cool-chain fleet is fitted with state of the art equipment specifically designed for the transportation of sensitive temperature controlled products. We offer multi temperature control for precise temperature settings in order to meet our clients’ requirements.

Through offering these services and maintaining high standards of compliance we are at the forefront of Refrigerated Transport with regular destinations throughout Ireland, UK and Europe. Our live temperature monitoring provides our many clients with the assurances that their products are being managed by us during distribution whilst allowing them to retain clear visibility at all times.


Chilled Refrigerated Transport

Our transport team are highly trained in chilled refrigeration transport. When it comes to chilled refrigerated transport, our constantly refined operating procedures, combined with temperature controlled equipment specifically designed with a complete range of security features as well as temperature monitoring, means complete peace of mind for all our clients’.

Frozen Refrigerated Transport

McArdle Skeath’s large fleet of refrigerated vehicles range of -30°C to + 30°C ensuring that the quality of service remains at the highest levels at all times. Our skilled transport team ensure that your product is maintained at the required frozen temperate whilst in transit.

+2°C to +8°C Temperature Controlled Transport

McArdle Skeath is a dedicated, fully monitored and temperature controlled service provider for the Cold Chain industry. Cold chain refers to the time and temperature management of sensitive goods as they move through the supply chain. During the supply chain distribution journey, products will change hands several times and pass through many different environments, so it is critical for our clients’ to be certain that our team will be in total control, ensuring products are not exposed to deviated temperatures that may damage or degrade their integrity. McArdle Skeath fully ensure our cold chain distribution provides patient safety, product integrity, regulatory compliance, process optimisation, and cost optimisation.

+15°C to +25°C Temperature Controlled Transport

When transporting +15°C to +25°C temperature controlled goods, it requires expert handling, highest standards of hygiene and vehicles equipped with the most up to date technology. At McArdle Skeath those things are standard.

GDP Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Transport

McArdle Skeath offer a complete logistical solution to distribution needs in the healthcare sector. Our warehouse staff and drivers are fully GDP trained for interacting through the medicinal supply chain.