We offer warehousing storage services that provide inventory management and distribution in the pharmaceutical, medical device, nutritional and fast moving consumer goods sector. Our temperature controlled warehouses offers solutions that are fully integrated and meets world class service levels. We provide a variety of cold storage options with temperature monitoring, value added services, all of which are security controlled and approved by the Irish Medicines Board, now known as HPRA Health Products Regulatory Authority. Our facilities can manage products from both local and global manufacturing sites and have a housing capacity of 46,000 pallet spaces.

Bespoke Design & Build Pharmagrade Frozen Solutions

Here at McArdle Skeath we offer a unique service to pharmaceutical clients looking for dedicated frozen storage solutions. We offer a full end-to-end service that incorporates the Design, Build, Project Management, Finance & Operation of bespoke frozen storage solutions. We have our own inhouse team of Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) across multiple disciplines with a proven track record in delivering complex freezer solutions for our clients. Most recently we have added a -40°C temperature-controlled storage solution to our portfolio of services for a multinational biotech client. This bespoke design includes four independent chambers with full back-up redundancy at -40°C with a -20°C corridor to ensure uncompromising protection of the product within the facility. This project is the first of its kind in Ireland and only the fourth of its kind globally. Understanding the critical nature of the medicinal products stored in this facility, we took a hands-on approach and managed every aspect, from the initial design concept right through to Validation (DIOQ) and sign-off with the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA). At all stages we worked in collaboration with our client to deliver a best-in-class facility that was matched with bespoke service solutions.

+2°C to +8°C Temperature Controlled Storage

Our temperature controlled storage rooms can achieve multiple pharmaceutical temperature requirements. Our Pharma +2°C to +8°C storage chambers are perfect for protecting the integrity of refrigerated temperature sensitive products. These assurances are designed through DQ (Design Qualification), IQ (Installation Qualification), OQ (Operational Qualification), and PQ (Performance Qualification) verifications and independent validations.

+15°C to +25°C Temperature Controlled Storage

For medicines that are not normally stored in a controlled environment, legalisation now requires a stable +15°C to +25°C storage setting. To protect these medicines, we now supply a range of Syntra ‘controlled room temperature’ cabinets that operate between +15°C to +25°C. Like all our storage solutions, this controlled environment will provide regulatory approval from the HPRA (Health Products Regulatory Authority).

Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Storage

At McArdle Skeath we offer Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitored and Controlled Storage Solutions with assurances of sensitivity and integrity. The quality of high value pharmaceutical life science goods is vital, which is why we offer cold chain distribution, storage and controlled supply chain management programs. Our modern temperature controlled warehousing facilities provide ambient, +2°C to +8°C and +15°C to +25°C storage for storing pharmaceutical products, allowing specific temperature requirements. We operate under strict GxP guidelines encompassing full temperature reporting from product receipt through to storage and delivery to the end customer.


Cold chain is a critical element in the pharmaceutical and Biotechnology supply chain as some sensitive products require specific temperature control while in storage and ultimately, transit. We ensure precise planning so that the integrity of life science products is protected at all times. Our assurances are backed by our Wholesaler’s Authorisation Licence which was issued by the Health Products Regulatory Authority. We are fully compliant with GDP (Good Distribution Practice) legislation and have two dedicated RPs on site.

  • Wholesaler Authorisation licence issued by the HPRA (Health Products Regulatory Authority)
  • cGXP (current Goods Distribution / Manufacturing Practices).
  • GDP (Good Distribution Practice) Trained Staff
  • Accredited Warehouse Staff & Drivers

Ambient Storage

Our Ambient temperature monitored storage facilities ensure that temperatures are meeting +5°C to +25°C requirements. Our warehouses are fitted with temperature probe sensors that will send alerts to key stakeholders when temperature is fluctuating and a deviation 2°C north or south of the tolerance, thereby ensuring that the temperature does not move outside the required range. We have 7 years of data with no deviations.

Chilled Storage

McArdle Skeath’s skilled and proficient warehouse operatives are adaptable, efficient and reactive to your needs, offering multi temperature storage facilities and systems audited to BRC (British Retail Consortium) storage and distribution standard, ensuring quality and integrity are maintained throughout the chilled supply chain.

Contingency Storage

Our contingency storage options provide back-up stability storage to businesses who require an approved facility in the event of weather catastrophes, electrical failures, fire incidents or an act of god.


The loss of products that are destined for market could represent critical loss to a company and its customers. Our new contingency management plan protects against that loss.


We will work with to develop a program that ensures your supply to market is never compromised.

Warehouse Management System – EDI Integration

Our Warehouse management system incorporates complete batch control and traceability. We have dedicated areas for goods in, despatch, quarantine and returns. Depending on your requirements, we design and tailor customised services including picking orders and sorting into batches before palletising; re-packing; re-labelling and re-branding. Our WMS system can achieve all types of data, depending on the requirements from our clients:


  • Product level – Product class – Product group
  • Unit Sets – Pallets/Cases/Kgs; Pallets/Cases/Inners; Cartons/Inners etc
  • Batch No/Lot No integrity maintained throughout
  • Product Identifiers – Up to 6 identifiers g. customer reference, lot number
  • Product Identifiers – manufacture date, expiry date, consignment reference etc.
  • Auto hold (Quality Hold) by product code, on receipt if required
  • Auto hold on condition code (e.g. quality/damage suspected) at time of receipt
  • Incoming Inspections and Labelling


  1. EDI / FTP linked to generate Receipt Requests on WMS
  2. WMS – RF Gun programmed to record product level information on receipt as follows:
    1. Product Code
    2. Lot Number
    3. Quantity
    4. Condition
    5. Any other client specific information / inspection required at receipt can be applied at product level
    6. Labelling can be tailored at product level to client requirements
  • Confirming receipts


  1. WMS – System generated receipt acknowledgement via EDI / FTP
  • Picking


  1. EDI/FTP link to generate Pick Request on WMS
  2. WMS administrator validates picks and schedules dispatches
  • WMS – RF Gun led picking process
    1. Warehouse location
    2. Product code
    3. Lot number
    4. Quantity
    5. Balance Checks & Cycle Counts

Storage Security

Site security is key to the success of our business operations and to that effect we have never had products lost or stolen from site. As custodians of our client’s products we ensure the safe keeping of your products. We have a security programme registered with the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) and have a police vetted Security Officer in addition to being registered as a Known Consignor.