The Women Of Mcardle Skeath


The Women Of Mcardle Skeath

McArdle Skeath, 51 years in business, has witnessed many changes over the decades and has grown dramatically. The transport company diversified by offering warehousing services at the request of our existing client base. Following this was the acquisition of Skeath Transport which gave the company a refrigerated transport service. Changes to legislation led to a focus on quality assurances and we are now approved by many regulatory bodies. Today McArdle Skeath have two locations servicing Pharmaceutical, Biopharma and Nutritional clients with temperature-controlled storage.

Inclusive of the changes that have been made to McArdle Skeath’s service portfolio is the diversity amongst the employees of McArdle Skeath. Although the logistics and supply chain industry continues to have the perception that it’s all about moving, lifting and carrying out physical work that has traditionally been described as masculine, there has never been a better time for women to join the industry. The women of McArdle Skeath represent an array of departments including; the board and senior management, finance, administration, sales and marketing, quality, transport and warehousing. We are not exclusive to office work with many of our female colleagues operating warehouse machinery and taking on lead roles within the value added and rework department. The last few years have seen growth of women working in McArdle Skeath, particularly in the roles of warehouse operations with skilled women trained and licenced to operate powered pallet trucks and magaziners.

It takes courage for women to strive in an environment dominated by men, however, we are not limited by our gender and we focus on the qualities we bring to the table. The women of McArdle Skeath are proud of their roles and contribution. We support and empower each other as women working together, but also in collaborative partnerships with men. Regardless of gender, the supply chain industry needs problem-solvers and innovative thinkers to move it forward. We have come a long way but still have a long way to go to improve the gender balance in our industry.

Siobhán McArdle, our Senior Finance Manager & Director tells us about her role, her values and the women of McArdle Skeath- CLICK HERE to read more.