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Quality Supply Chain Solutions

McArdle Skeath – Quality Supply Chain Solutions

Meet our Quality Manager – Darren Crawley 

Tell us a bit about your time in McArdle Skeath?

I joined the business in 2012 and as Quality Manager I oversee the development, implementation and maintenance of quality assurance systems and activities. I have the responsibility for promoting recognition of company quality programs among customers and staff, as well as developing and implementing employee communication and training programs in connection with the company’s quality objectives, strategies and processes. I also have the responsibility for managing document control processes, conducting internal/external audits, scoping and approving equipment validations and coordinating interdepartmental activities such as analysis of quality data and corrective and preventive actions to oversee and address service quality issues and improve efficiency of quality-related processes. I collaborate with regulatory, product development, engineering, manufacturing, quality to ensure the service meets the required legal and regulatory requirements and ensure efficient management of the quality system.


When was Quality introduced to the business?

Due to the nature of industries we serve, Quality has always been a pivotal element to how we operate. The QA journey really began in 1994 when the company achieved ISO certification. 24 years on and we now have transformed our compliance ethos down through every level of the business.


What accreditations do McArdle Skeath have?

We currently hold licenses from the HPRA (Health Products Regulatory Authority) for our Inniskeen and Hollystown sites along with four licenses (Process, Storage, Transport & Repackaging) from the Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine. We also hold “Known Consignor” status from the Irish Aviation Authority for “pick and pack” operations that are shipped by Air Freight from major airports to destinations across the world.  Additionally, we hold certification from ISO to the new 2015 standard along with being a “Gold Standard” recipient from the Freight Transport Association of Ireland for transport compliance. We hold AEO status from The Department of Revenue and a Storage and Distribution license from the British Retail Consortium and have been successfully audited by the U.S FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and the CNCA from China.


How many Audits does the business have every year?

Due to increasing compliance requirements we have seen significant growth in the level of audits / inspections that we host. In 2017, audit numbers grew by 80%, from 18 in 2016 to 32. We embrace compliance visits and acknowledge the importance of them. It confirms that we have good risk calculation and controls throughout all divisions of the business and acknowledges the hard work from all our staff as they comply to our quality assurance controls and processes.


Where do you see the future of Quality in the Supply Chain Industry?

Quality must and needs to be an integral part of SCM evaluation and qualification to achieve life cycle success. It is best practice to establish a Management Operating System (MOS) that has typical Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and we see this trend developing each year as regulatory requirements grow. I believe that the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries are setting the standard in QA and other industries are moving in the same direction. The future with developing requirements will be aided by leveraging Digitisation. This essentially is the process of using the latest tech solutions together with other physical and digital assets to redesign processes. This way, supply chains can adjust better to the fast-paced, highly competitive, highly regulated business environment.


What makes McArdle Skeath different?

Our ability to innovate and diversify is our USP. We continuously develop services that met customer demand, such as diversifying into Value Added Solutions (Repackaging, Product Inspections etc.), trialling and adjusting processes and establishing innovative services such as cold-chain storage. We have proven through our performance and continuous expansion that we can compete Nationally and Internationally within a highly competitive arena, reaffirming that an Indigenous Irish Owned business continues to invest locally, yet deliver globally.

 What’s the most rewarding part of your role in Quality?

The most rewarding part of my role is working alongside highly skilled people in various different roles and receiving audit feedback when we have once again excelled beyond our foresight.


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