Meet our warehouse operations & inventory supervisor – alan mckenna

Meet our warehouse operations & inventory supervisor – alan mckenna

Tell us about your background and how that led to your role as Warehouse Operations & Inventory Supervisor, Hollystown McArdle Skeath.

I joined McArdle Skeath, Inniskeen in 2014 as a General Operative. I was then promoted to the role of a Warehouse Operator with the specific tasks of the safe and efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of warehoused goods on behalf of our clients. From this I progressed to Warehouse Operations Supervisor. In this position, I directed and coached fellow warehouse employees. When the Hollystown facility became operational, I was recruited to the position of Warehouse Operations & Inventory Supervisor where I am involved in every aspect of warehousing.

What are the capabilities of the Warehouse Management System?

The WMS provides all round services to meet all warehousing and Clients needs. It provides integration between clients systems through XML and EDI files. The system provides full traceability from receipt to despatch.

Tell us about your Team in Hollystown.

Within our Dublin Facility we have a well-rounded team of staff whom have background experience in different areas of warehousing. The company when they moved to the Dublin Facility made the decision to recruit local people through our existing facility with the intention of development and integration of cultural aspects in order to secure the same service customers value in Inniskeen. Since then the company has employed numerous staff from the Dublin area who share the same ethos and hardworking outlooks.

Training is provided to all new staff which aids their integration into the facility. Existing staff members receive training also to ensure their skills are regularly updated and our Clients are receiving the highest standard of service.  

What type of sectors does the company service?

Currently we service the Dairy Nutritional, and the Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices markets. With the business always developing we continuously prepare ourselves for dealing with new client’s and services.

What is the future for Warehousing?

The next phase of the Dublin Facility is to maximise its Storage capability. Automation is the way forward, this is something that will be looked at before the next phase takes place. Warehousing is customer driven and we will always make ourselves suitable for the customers needs and provide the best service possible. We pride ourselves on doing everything we can possible for our customers and going forward this will remain the same.