Martina Grimes, McArdle Skeath’s longest serving member of the team

Martina Grimes

Martina Grimes, McArdle Skeath’s longest serving member of the team

Martina joined McArdle Skeath in 1981 and has witnessed many changes over the decades. In Martina’s early years at McArdle Skeath, known then as McArdle Transport, was as the name suggests solely a transport company which soon diversified by offering warehousing services. Today McArdle Skeath has two facilities approved by many regulatory bodies and servicing Pharmaceutical, Biopharma and Nutritional clients with temperature-controlled storage.

Martina is the companies Transport Administrator which involves, providing office support to the Transport Team, liaising with the accounts department, reporting accidents as the direct contact with our insurers, invoicing for deliveries and coordinating with the drivers ensuring vehicle compliance and safety.

When asked how the company has changed, Martina says among many of the changes she has witnessed is the diversity and growing number of employees. When Martina first began in McArdle Skeath over 40 years ago, there were only a handful of employees in a small office, very few of which were women. The transport and warehousing industry was traditionally a male dominated industry, but with the diversification and growth of McArdle Skeath over the years employing just over 160 employees, women are now represented in all areas of the business many of whom are in leadership roles.

Martina is a valued member of the company and her service over the years has been appreciated and enjoyed by her fellow colleagues.